Sudduth Family Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama

No. 111 on the 2002 Cemetery Map of Lamar County


This listing is based on a survey done by Mike Corbett in June 1996, and is posted here with his kind permission.  Copies of his original survey, which includes epitaphs omitted from this listing, may be found in various libraries in and around Lamar County.


Rows are listed from west to east, and graves from north to south.  Names are spelled as they appear on the grave markers.



Row 1


Smith, Martha Ann, wife of Sarepta: May 21, 1831 March 27, 1911

Smith, Sarepta: March 28, 1841 Nov. 10, 1923


Row 2


Head, Mary Layton: May 20, 1926 Jan. 30, 1971

Head, John Alonzo: Nov. 14, 1891 March 3, 1964 (dbl. marker w/ Lucile)

Head, Lucile Sudduth: May 20, 1899 June 9, 1963 (dbl. marker w/ John Alonzo)

Sudduth, Winnie Blanche, dau. of W. M. & M. H.: Oct. 8, 1897 Oct. 1, 1898

Sudduth, William Chester, son of William & Mary: March 13, 1901 Feb. 13, 1916

Sudduth, William M.: March 28, 1868 March 10, 1941 (dbl. marker w/ Mary)

Sudduth, Mary Smith: Sep. 7, 1871 Dec. 20, 1966 (dbl. marker w/ William M.)


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