Sipsey Fork Community School Pictures

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1912 School Days One room school house at Center Point in the Sipsey Fork Community.

First row left to right; Leo Pickle, Myrtle Pickle, Allen Lochridge, Allen Pickle, Ellis Black, and Thomas Beard.

Second row left to right; Flora Rogers, Georgia Rogers, Leota Black, Annie Bell Gilliland, Minnie Pickle, Alvin Lochridge, Irene Pickle, Earl Black, Glayden Lewis, John Wesley Beard and Lula Mae Scott.

Third row left to right; Beatrice Pickle, Corie Pickle, Addie Ruth Lochridge, Alva Bell Lochridge, Erbie Pickle, Elgie Pickle, Little "Erb" Pickle, Selby Pickle, Fred Gilliland and Curt Scott.

Fourth Row Left to Right; Pauline Brown, Teacher, Leona Pickle, Alzie Lochridge, Evie Pickle, Gertrude Pickle, Janice Jones, Grady Lewis, Greel Brown, Virdo Pickle, Ollie "Bud" Pickle and Joe Pickle.

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