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Domain Information

A Domain name (an alias for your IP number address e.g. will allow you to use a WWW address such as www.your_company.com instead of www.wionline.com/your_company. A Domain Name can consist of up to 24 characters made up of letters, number or dashes. There are several categories into which a top level domain name can fit:

  • COM - commercial, for-profit organizations
  • EDU - 4 year, degree granting institutions only
  • NET - network infrastructure machines and organizations
  • ORG - usually non-profit organizations
  • INT - organizations established by international treaties or international databases.
  • GOV - U.S. federal government agencies
  • MIL - U.S. Military
  • US - provides for the registration of all kinds of entities in the U.S. on the basis of political geography.

The InterNIC prefers to register only one domain name per individual or organization (an individual is considered an organization by the InterNIC). Some organizations have been granted more than one domain name, however, some have been rejected. MW cannot be held responsible if the domain name is rejected. If denied you will be charged $25.00 processing fee to try again. The InterNIC requires a payment of $70.00 per two years currently. MW Communications will handle the registration at the time of account set up. For more information see InterNIC. Most new domain name registrations take approximately two weeks. Modifying domain names and updating servers can take up to a month. When MW receives notification of confirmation we will contact you by email. MW prefers to receive domain requests by email so that we have a record of such requests. We will not accept domain name requests without valid email addresses. When searching for availability do not include the "www" in the name. For instance if you search for www.wionline.com it will show up as being available even though it is not.

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