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K56 Flex/V90 MW Communications is pleased to announce the following options for Internet Access:

Residential Account Options:

All plans are based on a low 6 to 1 users to modem ratio that virtually gurantees no busy signals. Other Internet providers have 10 to 1, 12 to 1, or 20 to 1 users to modem ratios giving you a two to three times better chance of a busy signal with their service.

Basic Account - $19.95

At $19.95 per month this no frills account is designed for customers who need unlimited access but no frills.


  • 24-hour Around the Clock Access*
  • 1 E-Mail Account
  • Telephone Support
  • No hourly charge for online use
  • USENET Internet News
  • 56K V.90 Technology
  • Modem Protection Plan**
  • Requires Credit Card Billing - No Invoices

21st Century Account - $21.95

Same as Basic with:
  • Invoice Billing

24th Century Account - $24.95

Same as 21st Century Account with:

  • 2 E-Mail Accounts
  • 4MB for your personal "NON COMMERCIAL" website
  • ftp access
  • Invoice Billing

Traditional Account - $29.95

Includes all features of both Basic and 21st Century Accounts plus:

  • Up to five (5) free E-Mail Accounts
  • Up to 10MB for your personal "NON COMMERCIAL" website
  • Telnet access to your account
  • Emergency Depot Service at our office in Fayette***

MPPP, Shotgun Technology, etc. Account - $39.95

Includes all features of plans listed above Plus:

  • MPPP multi-connection service (dual 56K access merged into one connection) - This offers you twice the speed as other plans

* Unlimited Access means that you can access the service any time that you wish. It does not mean that you can stay connected to the service all the time. Abusers will be offered a different account option.

** Modem Protection Plan - If you have a problem with your modem, we will loan you a modem until you can get your modem repaired or replaced. This will gurantee that you will not lose service for a long period of time. A small deposit will be required for a loaner modem. The deposit will be returned to you when the loaner modem is returned in good working condition.

*** Emergency Depot Service - Qualifying MW Communications customers can bring their computer to our Fayette location to be evaluated. If it can be fixed, we will do the job with no labor charge. Most repairs can be ready the next day! You'll only pay for parts that are required in the repair. Things that qualify include, corrupted Windows installations, tricky software installations, etc. Major repairs will require evaluation. Nothing will be charged without your approval.

- Telnet Access requires a signed "acceptable use and security" agreement.

- There is a $35.00 activation fee to open your account - waived for customers who bring their computer to our office in Fayette for setup.

- We also offer server hosting, for those who want their own web server, and website design.

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Voice: 205.932.7601 Fax: 205.932.7611
E-mail: cwesson@fayette.net

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