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Operational Announcements

December 14, 2002 - All Locations

Our new mail server has been configured and installed.  It should provide increased performance and capacity for our customers.  Problems experienced over the last few days should be eleminated.

June 25, 2000 - All Locations

The E-mail service will be down for approximately 2 hours starting at 10:00AM. We are installing a new mail server and it will take about two hours to move all the accounts and mail from the old server.

The address for the Web Based Mail will change to: http://webmail.fayette.net

March 9, 2000 - All Locations

We experienced a 3 hour outage from around 8:00pm - 11:00pm tonight due to a massive lightning strike at our offices in Fayette. My staff and myself worked almost all night restoring service and replacing equipment. We were able to get service back up at 11:00pm with only 3 hours downtime. We feel that this is very good considering the damage that our systems suffered. We continued to work until around 3:00am until we had fully restored service. Thank you for understanding.

February 8, 2000 - All Locations

We have experienced considerable problems with routing tables over the last two days. We now feel that this has been caused by a nation wide problem with routing tables within the UUNET backbone. UUNET provides our link to the internet backbone. This problem has caused slow downs and in some cases a complete loss of service. We are truely sorry for any inconvenience, but the problem is located beyone our control. This is a quote from the UUNET Network Operations Center announcing the problem "UUNET is currently experiencing routing instabillities across the United States. Our senior network engineers are currently working to correct any problems. More information will be provided as it becomes available." We Will continue to monitor this situation and will do everything in our power to restore quality service. Thank you for your patience.

September 14, 1999 - Lamar County

The good news - 24 new lines are installed and working in Lamar County - No busy signals allowed. The bad news - the highway department cut a cable in the Millport/Kennedy area causing a loss of service to all customers in that area. Work crews have been dispatched to repair the broken cable.

August 25, 1999 - Lamar County

Due to a very nice increase in the number of users in Lamar County, we are experiencing some busy signals during peak usage times. An additional 24 lines were ordered today. This should solve the problem when they are installed. Usually it takes from 3 to 4 weeks for the installation to happen after the order is placed. We appreciate your patience and assure you that we are doing all we can to provide you with a trouble free internet experience.

August 1, 1999 - Lamar County

We experienced an unscheduled outage from 6:30 - 10:30 AM due to a loss of the T-1circuit from Lamar County to Fayette. The problem was reported to GTE at 6:35 AM and service was restored at 10:30 AM. We think that we located the source of the problem and hope that we have fixed it so that it does not reoccur. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we do appreciate your patience. These problems happened because we were trying to upgrade the circuit in order to give our customers more bandwidth and therefore better speed. Sometimes it just takes a little time to work out the bugs.

July 29, 1999 - Lamar County

We experienced an unscheduled outage from 8:00 - 9:25 PM due to a loss of the T-1 circuit from Lamar County to Fayette. The problem was reported to GTE and they promptly repaired the line and restored service. A monitor has been placed on the line by GTE to help determine the cause of the outage and to help prevent future problems.

July 14, 1999 - Fayette County

We experienced a temporary problem with some of our access equipment causing some customers to be unable to connect. We have installed a temporary fix and expect the new parts for the equipment to be here and installed tomorrow. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this problem may caused our customers.

June 19-20, 1999 - Fayette & Lamar County

We experienced an intermittant problem with our internal network that caused the service to be up and down several times Friday night. We diagnosed the problem and repaired it Saturday AM, also causing some customers to lose connections for a short period of time. The new T-3 line has been rescheduled by BellSouth to be installed July 6 - 7. Thank you for your patience during this uncommon problem.

March 26, 1999 - Fayette & Lamar County

A new T3 line (equal to 28 T1 lines) has been ordered for our link to the internet from our access point in Tuscaloosa to UUNET in Atlanta. This will give us the largest amount of bandwidth and the fastest service in Central Alabama. The new line is scheduled to be installed in April.

March 15, 1999 - Fayette County

The additional 24 lines have been installed and are working great. There should never be a busy signal for our valued customers.

February 26, 1999 - Fayette County

We have ordered an additional 24 lines for our customers in Fayette County. GTE should install these lines soon.

February 26, 1999 - Fayette & Lamar County

Due to growth, our capacity to add new users was reached. We were forced to change our authentication method in order to accomodate new users. The new system works a little different from the old system and has caused problems for some customers logging on. We regret those problems, but our new system should provide everyone with better service. Thank you for your patience during this upgrade.

January 27, 1999 - Lamar County

GTE has notified me that our additional 24 lines will be installed on Feb. 2, 1999. The equipment is already in place. This should eleminate those pesky busy signals. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

January 6, 1999 - Lamar County

Thank you for a very nice growth in customers during the holiday season. Due to this growth, you may experience some busy signals during peak usage times. We realize this and have ordered 24 more lines. the equipment is in place and we will turn them up as soon as GTE installs the lines. Thank you for your patience. We will continue to strive to provide you with the best internet service in West Alabama.

December 12, 1998 - All Users

We are having a problem with the password file on the E-Mail server. This has caused many of you to be unable to receive e-mail. We are working on this problem and hope to have it fixed soon. You can still send e-mail. Thanks for your patience.

November 22, 1998 - Fayette County

GTE will be installing upgrades to our current lines and there will probably be a temporary interruption of service.

October 15, 1998 - Lamar County

Service was interrupted for 5 or 6 minutes while we were installing an additional 24 additional lines. This brings our total lines and modems to 72. Thank you for your patience.

October 14, 1998 - Millport & Kennedy Areas

Service has been interrupted in the South Lamar County area due to a Frontier Communications problem. The problem has been reported. This interruption in service was not caused by problems at MW Communications.

October 4, 1998 - Fayette & Lamar Counties

GTE has informed me that the new lines should be installed on October 15, 1998. This should eleminate all busy signals. It has come to my attention that some of you are receiving a message that says "the number has been disconnected". This is not the case, but the phone company seems to give this message when all our lines are busy. This should be eleminated when the new lines are installed. Thanks for your patience.

September 30, 1998 - Fayette & Lamar Counties

Due to an increase in subscribers, some of you may have been getting a busy signal during peak times. We have ordered additional lines and modems for both Fayette and Lamar Counties. This should correct any problems with busy signals. GTE has not informed me of the date of installation, but I will post that information as soon as we get it.

August 20, 1998 - Southern Lamar County
GTE has notified me that an additional phone number for our customers in the southern part of Lamar County should be installed today. This number will boost our available lines for these customers to 60 and that should be very adequate because there are only 48 lines between Frontier Communications and GTE. We hope that this helps with the busy signal problems. The new number will only work for customers in southern Lamar County. The numbers are 695-0030 and 695-8333.

August 13, 1998
11:30PM - There is a problem with the connection to UUNET, our gateway to the internet. The problem is located in the Atlanta area. The problem has been reported to UUNET for repair.

August 11, 1998 - Lamar County
We experienced a temporary outage due to a very strong thunder storm that knocked our all our lines. Service was restored in a timely manner due to the good work and cooperation from GTE. Thank you for your patience with this unexpected problem.

August 4, 1998 - Fayette & Lamar Counties
Additional lines have been installed in Fayette County. All lines in both Fayette and Lamar counties now have modems that support the V.90 ITU standard. This should allow most 56K modems to work with improved performance.

July 30, 1998 - Lamar County
Additional lines have been ordered for our customers in the Southern part of Lamar County - Millport & Kennedy. An alternate phone number will be posted when GTE gets the lines installed. Thank You for your patience.

July 17,1998 - Fayette County
We have ordered more digital lines for Fayette customers and will soon be upgrading all our lines to digital with 56K modems.